Our Story

Aqua Access 4 All was born and developed by Samantha as a way of sharing her the love of the water, to empower people of all abilities and ages to harness the benefits of water. To support you as you strive to #beyourbest.

After 20 years in special education settings, gaining aquatic qualifications and learning collaboratively from allied health teams, Aqua Access 4 All (AA4A) was started to support those who needed and recognised water benefits the most. The essence of the service is to bring together all the knowledge and fantastic rewards of the water, build connections and foster relationships of trust and support that as a teacher in early childhood and special education settings has come to be one of the key factors in gaining learning, progress and positive outcomes with individuals. In the water and extending into other daily and community living environments. With our beautiful home “girt by sea” (Advance Australia Fair, our national anthem) placing a high importance on being safe water users. The water spaces we use should lead individuals to feel confident, familiar and secure in themselves to enjoy and move in positive ways. Whether an individual has needs in the area/s of physical, intellectual, emotional, neurological, wellbeing, complex medical or learning difficulties, a person’s right to access and enjoy the water can and should be possible with the right amount of support and commitment to choice and gaining independence.

The value and joy of accessing the water regularly to affirm our wellbeing, health and daily living in a positive way is paramount to so many.

Samantha Elliott, AA4A Founder

Today, Samantha and her experienced small team (and growing) work most days in aquatic spaces to promote, educate and support sessions to our community. We provide an inclusive experience focusing on safe, friendly, targeted and needs based sessions. It is a “win-win” for all of us to spend time in the water. 

We seek to connect with you and share in community/social interactions whilst shaping actions and decisions that can save lives and enhance wellbeing.

splash slide special needs boy with adult 1:1
Water therapy is fun !

We are excited to support individuals in the areas of Frankston, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs. With dreams to expand as we play, splash, grow and learn together. Your goals become our motto, to motivate you and encourage you.

Water is the the ultimate space for bodies to:

  • foster movement
  • maintain and build strength
  • make connections to others in the community
  • enjoy calm and stillness

Now through the opportunities provided via the NDIS scheme, more water sessions can be supported as a participant’s funds can be used for Aquaaccess4all to provide the best access and experiences.

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